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Skoda Kodiaq: 7 Things must know for 7 seater car

Skoda has premiered its upcoming SUV Kodiaq earlier this month at Berlin which is under development from quite some time. The company first introduced the full sized SUV at the 2016 Geneva Motor show as the Vision S concept. As per sources the SUV would be launched in Europe within the first quarter of 2017, then it would be launched in China, followed by India. The Kodiaq would compete against the immensel ...

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2 Tips for Classic Car Sales

How to Sell Your Classic Car When a guy comes to the drastic choice of selling their classic car, it can be very difficult. Even when one is not an enthusiast, a vintage car model is known as such for a reason and the seller may nicely have it in his ownership because he or she was a teen. Nevertheless unpleasant it may be, if one offers to sell a person's car, one might as well do a good job at it. Difficu ...

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