Take Heed! Foolproof Ways To Dress Full-Figured Ladies Reviewed by Momizat on . If you are big-boned, chubby, full-figured or whatever you call it, you have every right to look and feel gorgeous. Slaying in fashion department is not only ap If you are big-boned, chubby, full-figured or whatever you call it, you have every right to look and feel gorgeous. Slaying in fashion department is not only ap Rating: 0
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Take Heed! Foolproof Ways To Dress Full-Figured Ladies

Take Heed! Foolproof Ways To Dress Full-Figured Ladies

If you are big-boned, chubby, full-figured or whatever you call it, you have every right to look and feel gorgeous. Slaying in fashion department is not only applicable for skinny or svelte figures. You can be your own fashionista!

A small amount of knowledge, a dose of confidence and the right style bible are all you need to dress impeccably. If you’re up for some fashion makeover, check the helpful tips to showcase that beautiful curves of yours.

This one is for every full-figured girl who ever stepped into a store with a goal to purchase at least one beautiful dress before they leave, believing that the search is probably hopeless. Check the rundown below:

  • Create a dependable wardrobe.
  • Put on excellent-fitted undergarments, like a high-waisted, low-legged underwear.
  • Look for garments that will compliment your bottom half, particularly the tailored ones or those A-line skirts.
  • Dress to beautify your upper half. You can try wearing a cardigan of full-length or shaped garments.
  • Do not shy to be afraid to accessorize. Work out those huge, chunky earrings. Also, make good use of wedges and killer boots.
  • Be positive and confident in the dress you put on.

Making a Dependable Wardrobe

 Learn the fundamentals of how to highlight or conceal particular parts of your body. The patterns, colors, and cuts you put on can attract people’s attention away or straightly toward from your body figure. Take a look at these guidelines:

  • Remember that dark colors suppress, while the light hues accentuate. So if you love your waist, try wearing a light colored belt over a black colored shirt to highlight the stunning belt. In case you wish to conceal the bottom half of your body, you can put on a lighter top and black pants.
  • In your clothing, huge patterns will help you appear bigger. Meanwhile, small patterns can help you look tinier than the original.
  • Get rid of horizontal stripes. The advantage of wearing a striped dress is for extra size clothing only if the stripes are vertical or diagonal. If you desire your bust to look bigger, horizontal lines will do the trick.
  • Do not plant ruffles on anything you desire to appear tinier and never put them in areas you wish to highlight as well. This method means that any person noticing you will be fascinated by the section of accentuation.
  • Wear gathered or ruched fabric in areas you want to appear smaller. For example, you may see a one-piece bikini with ruched panels just over the tummy. Know what hues look great on you.
  • A complimentary color can help make your complexion glow, while the wrong colors can contribute to making you look worn out and sallow. Put on a dress that is baggy similar to a blouse, and this will ensure that it is both fashionable and dressed appropriately.

Put on Good-Fitting Underclothes

It is a fact that your undergarments are the basis of your appearance for it is difficult to look good and feel good when you are wearing an ill-fitting underwear that does not support you enough.

Purchase a bra that fits well. A great bra will not only help lift your figure, but it will also help you prevent backaches and look younger. Be certain you have enough coverage. If you cannot find the exact size at local stores or mall, try to look online.

Look For Fits and Fabrics That Will Complement the Bottom Half

In instances you likely carry your weight on your legs and hips, then you may want to pay particular attention to the following:

  • Look for tailored trousers and skirts. Refrain from wearing wide-leg trousers and flared pants. Refrain from wearing shapeless garments, such as “one-size” dresses and broomstick skirts. Look for something with a nipped waist as an alternative.
  • If you are searching for a Women’s Clothing like a skirt, do not be mistaken for an A-line cut. Prevent yourself from wearing pencil skirts as this outlines and shapes your waist and hips. On the other hand, skirts like skater skirts would bring out the attractiveness in every person.
  • Purchase at least a pair of excellent-fitting jeans. Straight-leg or skinny jeans in a black wash look magnificent.
  • Be very cautious with leggings. In some ladies, a long dress or shirt with leggings is a fashionable and slimming display. But, if you have larger thighs, hips, or bottom, the dress can look terrible.

Dress to Compliment Your Top Half

Relying on the body type you have, this section could either be the hard or simple part. In instances you likely carry your weight on your shoulders and stomach, these techniques can help:

  • Select shaped dresses and T-shirts over untailored dresses “straight T” shirts. The dress must be suitable for your natural shoulders and waist. Avoid wearing halter tops or spaghetti-strap. You will need your tops to hide the straps of the bra, and they may be wide.
  • Put on full-length jackets and cardigans, do not choose cropped lengths.
  • If you love your forearms, put on a three-quarter sleeve. If you do not, wear short sleeves or full sleeves for showing up your arms right in the middle while wearing a sleeve will appear very unattractive.
  • If you are wearing leggings or skinny jeans, try putting on a tunic-style top that is a bit smoother. Putting on a top that is not fitting is acceptable considering your bottom half appears well-fitted and tailored.
  • Button-down shirts should fit appropriately across the stomach and bust. Which means there is no pulling of the fabric right at the button, but, if it does, then the shirt doesn’t fit.

Accessorize and Complement

Gorgeous and unique accessories do not only help your wardrobe become more flexible but are unaware of weight losses or gains.

Chubby females can carry out big and daring jewelry that can overpower smaller-framed women. Pendants and teeny earrings may get lost on you, but, a large handbag can help in making you appear smaller, for the bag does not appear small next to you.

Between two and three thick rigid bracelets will cause a chubby wrist look lean. Putting on long hanging earrings extends your neck.

Great boots, like the “equestrian-style” footwear, can help make the illusion of a slim calf. An excellent pair of footwear causes putting on pants or skirts a real happiness.

If you happen to have heavy looking ankles and legs, refrain from wearing flimsy or delicate footwear for it will make you appear like you are about to sink, or fall over into the floor. However, a wedge heel looks spectacular, especially for heavy legs.

Lastly, always be hopeful and confident in your appearance, for you are yourself for a good reason, and nobody can ever steal that from you.


Wear clothing with confidence. Whatever you wear, be sure you are putting on the apparel and not the other way around. Always exercise excellent posture. The way you carry your body can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your clothes.

Keep your heads up, maintain a straight spine, your shoulders back, and your hips situated in the center of your feet. Fashion should always make you feel great. Clothes should not make you feel horrible about yourself. They should provide you with modesty, comfort, protection, and aesthetic pleasure instead.

Author’s Bio: Yassi Parrish is a freelance blogger and a fashion enthusiast. She loves to read about appropriate women’s clothing for different sizes and writes an article about it to share it with people who have the same curiosity.

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